Inspiring quotes from None of Us are Superman


  • PETER MOORE – COO Electronic Arts

    ‘Everyone fails sometimes, but what counts is the way you handle it.’

  • JAMES BARTON The most influential person in the world of electronic dance music

    ‘You need to be punished before you get to enjoy the successes of life.’

  • GEORGE DAVIES – The King of the High Street

    ‘It’s those times when risk goes sour that you have to dig deepest, and you see what you’re really made of.’

  • Graham Morris – former CEO Rolls Royce and Bentley

    ‘None of us are Superman. We bleed, we cry, we suffer. We’re all human.’

  • Michael Oglesby, CBE – founder Bruntwood | philanthropist

    ‘Starting a business, though, is just that – a start. It’s sustaining it that matters.’

  • Sir Terry Leahy – former CEO Tesco

    ‘One of the problems in society is that we are all terrible judges of ourselves.’

  • Judy Halewood – Chairwoman Halewood Int.

    ‘You never know what is round the corner and you can’t always be safe, but these are the times that provide the best opportunities to learn something new.’

  • Steve Morgan – Founder Redrow | Philanthropist

    ‘The harder you work, the luckier you get.’

  • George Downing – Property Magnate

    ‘There’s nothing wrong with working hard to earn more money, it’s when it takes over from everything else that the problems start.’

  • Phil Millward – Vauxhall

    ‘The thing about building relationships – you can’t just build them when you need them.’

You lose as a team, and you fail as a team

Integrity and credibility are attributes you can’t just pay lip service to – they are values you have to live. And if you do live it, people will be inspired by you and they will follow you. If you don’t have them – or, even worse, if you claim to be a man of principle but don’t act as though you are – people will never, ever trust you.

Graham Morris, former CEO  Rolls Royce & Bentley


  • Sir Michael Bibby – MD Bibby Line Group

    ‘It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you know everything but, in reality, nobody does. Nobody is that good!’

  • The Earl of Derby

    ‘Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.’

  • Ian Ayre – CEO Liverpool FC

    ‘Anyone who thinks they have nothing left to learn has failed.’

  • Prof Kevin Morley – Entrepreneur

    ‘Success does not come to people who work 9-to-5 and clock off on time’

  • Colin McKeown, MBE – Filmaker

    ‘Don’t just nibble away at life or your ambitions – go for it’

  • Asif Hamid – founder The Contact Company

    ‘Pretending you get something when you actually don’t will always have consequences in the end.’

  • Ian and Neil Briggs – founders BAC Mono

    ‘Nobody is lucky enough or good enough to get everything right the first time.’

  • Robert Hough, CBE, DL – PEEL

    ‘You would be amazed how far you can travel if you try. You don’t know what you’re capable of until you stretch yourself to the limit.’

  • Peter Johnson – founder Park Group Plc

    ‘Sometimes you simply have to accept that it’s not working, and rip the plaster off.’

  • Peter Jackson – CEO Hill Dickinson

    ‘At the end of the day, every leader is different, and every situation is different.’

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Don’t be afraid to be the only person in the room admitting you don’t understand – you won’t be, you’ll just be the one brave enough to say so. It’s absolutely vital to understand, to do your homework, because the better you understand, the more you know and the more confident you can be in your fearless decisions.

Dominic Burke, CEO JLT Group