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The world is changing fast. The last years saw an explosion of entrepreneurs, thousands of which turned their flats into offices and cafes into meeting rooms. It’s more than likely that you yourself have just started a company, carry the future of an established business on your shoulders, or are at least contemplating entering the exciting world of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

But business world is a complex vortex, where companies fall as fast as they rise. It’s a gamble where the odds are stacked against you. Some people challenge the odds but others never get to taste success. And if you are in this vortex, chances are that you have brushed your elbows with failure, wondered why your seemingly brilliant idea isn’t turning into luscious profits, or questioned your sanity that led you to choose the this path.

Our aim is to understand what ‘having what it takes’ really looks like and why there is little consensus about how to succeed in business, life and career. We ask what failure really means and what place things like self-doubt and lack of plan have in business. We bring to you established business leaders who agreed to share their views and experiences to inspire the next generation of business leaders. We deliver their wisdom to you in the language that people actually use and views that are not censored or excessively edited.

Secrets of Success: None of us are Superman.

They headed Tesco, Liverpool FC, Rolls Royce and Bentley, boasted revenues of over £1bn, appeared in South Park, became household names, and amassed dream-like wealth. Now they invite you to reflect on your own abilities and potential by delving into 33 exclusive features, deconstructing the secrets of building a successful career or a successful and sustainable business.


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    Colin McKeown, MBE